MMC Areas | MMC Group

The MMC Group is a division of Vaccaro Group, being responsible for central management and administration of national brands and international business.

MMC Areas | MMC Group

MMC Business | MMC Group

Leadership, new business management and decision making.

MMC Science | MMC Group

Product development. Scientific content, new technologies, processes and market innovations.

MMC International Business | MMC Group

The mission of MMC's International Business is to provide the best integration of international procurement services, international sales and related activities, through the best foreign trade practices aiming to develop true partnerships, better costs in the acquisition of raw materials and products and better margins for the group in negotiations with the various countries where it will be present.

MMC Sale | MMC Group

National and international sales consulting team.

MMC Office | MMC Group

Internal team: Attendance, SAC, Financial, Purchasing, Administrative and general support.

MMC Labs | MMC Group

Manufacturing process, quality sector, logistics and inventory management.

MMC Creation | MMC Group

Creation of products and services. Advertising campaigns, trade, events, WEB and content development.